Why Your Ministry Needs a Blog

Blogging is one of those things that most folks just don't get.  

  • What's a blog?
  • Don't bloggers have real jobs?
  • Who would read my blog if I had one?
  • I'm too busy to blog!

All of these are good questions and each has a simple answer.  I'm going to look at three of the nation's top ministry programs and let's see if they have a blog:

Answers to Questions

What's a blog?  A blog is an online location for articles, often called "posts".  A blogpost can be short or quite long.  A good blog has regular posts and is tended to like a garden.    

Don't bloggers have real jobs?  Most do, yes.  I've been blogging for a decade and have always held a "real job".  Blogging has been my hobby.  For some folks, they've been able to make a living out of blogging.

Who would read my blog if I had one?  This is probably the #1 question I hear from those who have considered blogging.  There are billions of people on the planet and some are bound to find you interesting.  In campus ministry, students find their campus ministers to be fascinating.  Trust me, if you write it, people will read it.

I'm too busy to blog!  Are you too busy to Tweet or surf Facebook?  If you are, then blogging isn't for you.  On the other hand, if you're already on social media channels, blogging might be the next frontier for your platform.

Try it out!  Get blogging today!