Should Your Office be Paperless?

It's August and a lot of campus ministers are both excited to start the new year

AND a bit anxious about it. Many of us want to try out new things and going paperless is one of those ideas that we often consider.

What does it mean to go paperless?

  • 100% paperless: this is when you print out nothing, you file nothing and you ban paper from your office completely.
  • Partial-paperless: this is more doable for most of us whereby we choose certain parts of our workflow and reduce the amount of paper we use.

Where should you start?

First, it's good to remember that everyone has a different comfort level with paper. This isn't a moral choice but one of preference. Some possible areas to start could be:

  1. Only print if you absolutely have to.

  2. Scan handouts and then file them into Evernote or One Note.

  3. Use less handouts.

  4. Use your iPad for song lyrics or your daily devotional reading.

  5. Keep your desk as clean and clear as possible.

Where will you start when it comes to reducing the amount of paper you use in your office?