The Value of Good Signage

As most college students are back to school as I'm writing this (August 22, 2016), the internet is full of great examples of Campus Ministry programs that are reaching out to new students.  Students are being invited to everything from Sunday night Mass to ice cream socials to barbecues.  

It might be easy to overlook the value of signage for newcomers but a strong campus ministry program often includes clear instructions for where to go and when to go there.

Here are some great examples of signage:

Effective signage is clear, simple and upbeat.  If it's done well, it communicates a message in less than 2 seconds.  

One resource that CCMA recommends for making eye-catching graphics and signage is  Canva is free, easy to use and requires no prior design experience.  Try it out and see how it improves your signage around campus.