Podcast #6 with Katie Diller

One thing many campus ministers lament is the "handoff" from life in college to life in a parish.  Young adults tell us any number of the following, upon entry into a parish:

  • The music is different
  • I can't seem to find my place
  • Everyone else is older

And on it goes... let's face it, it's not easy becoming a "regular Catholic" in a parish after you've had a great experience of campus ministry in college.  

That's where ESTEEM comes in.

ESTEEM stands for "Engaging Students to Enliven the Ecclesial Mission" and Katie Diller, our guest for Podcast #6 is the national director.  

We talk about how ESTEEM works, how your campus can take advantage of it and what's at stake if we don't do "the handoff" well for young adults entering parish life.

Enjoy the cast!

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