A Free Resource to Make Your Graphics Beautiful

Most of us don't have the time to learn Adobe Photoshop or another heavy program like it.  Still, we all need beautiful graphics that will invite students to each of our programs.  And, let's face it, people judge us on our promotional materials.  

These could include:

  • Signage for office hours, Mass times and Confessions
  • Flyers for upcoming events
  • Instructions for "where to go"
  • Promotions for guest speakers
  • Invitations to Holy Hours, service projects, Fall retreats, small groups and much more!

With all of these in mind, which tool can you use to make all of your graphics attractive while still minding the budget?  

We use Canva.com for nearly all of our graphics, logos, flyers and promotional materials.  I've used Canva for about two years and have to say that it's so easy to use, I can't imagine using something more complex.  To the left, you'll see a flyer we made that helps to explain how annual giving to CCMA benefits campus ministers.  This took all of 15 minutes to create.

Couple this with free photos from Unsplash.com and you'll turn ordinary promotional materials into stunning tools that invite greater participation.

Don't take my word for it... try it yourself!