An Inside Look at the CCMA Executive Board Nominating Process

CCMA is a unique organization.  As a professional association of members, its board, called the Executive Board, is charged with the oversight of the Executive Director (me!) and the operations of the organization.  All the while, the Board is mandated to ensure that CCMA is true to its Catholic mission and has a future.  Thus, there is one part vision and another part operations.

This is different from a "parish advisory council" which is typically just a sounding board for a pastor.  The CCMA Board also differs from a university board which is often totally self sufficient.  Finally, the CCMA Board is different from a high school "board of trustees" which is often designated as a "board of limited jurisdiction".

All fancy words to spell out one thing: the CCMA Board is unique and very important.

I'm grateful for the Board that has led CCMA in this past season of service and also for those who have served on the Board in past decades.  As the membership approved a new set of Bylaws and Constitution this past Spring, the Executive Board now is tasked with accepting nominations for itself.

Some Details

  1. Starting in January, there will be at least 3 open spots and at most 6 open spots.
  2. The criteria for Board members is here.
  3. The Board must have at least 6 Associates (individuals active in campus ministry).
  4. This year, for the first time, we can also accept nominations of individuals who may be unfamiliar with campus ministry but who can bring expertise that would be beneficial to the organization.  Think of people who like to "think big" and can also work towards that goal.  
  5. We welcome you to consider nominating yourself or another individual via this form.

If you have any questions about the process or the Board itself, please let me or Chrysta know.  We are here to answer your questions and help individuals through the nominating process.

Lord willing, we will be blessed with additional Board members who love campus ministry and want to work towards its success.