How to Respond to the Immigration Bans

I just searched three of the top Catholic websites to see if there were articles about the Trump Immigration Bans.  I wanted to see if I could find some advice for campus ministers.  Instead, there was nothing there.

If college students are talking about these things, why are we so hesitant to discuss them?  

Only when I went to America Magazine's home page did I find a reference to Cardinal Cupich's statement in response to the bans.

Relevant Magazine has this piece about nationalism and whether or not it's Biblical.

I suggest that we facilitate more dialogue rather than less.  We should not be afraid to discuss these things but should keep a few things in mind:

  1. The Trump Administration has issued a temporary ban on seven countries that, as with the Obama administration, have primarily a Muslim population.  See: The Trump Ban: Here's What You Need to Know (CNN).
  2. In addition, the Administration has issued a temporary ban on refugees.  See: 5 Questions About The Law And Trump's Immigration Order (NPR).
  3. The US Bishops have been vocally against not only the refugee ban but also the recent articulation of a wall to be built on the US/Mexico border.  The US Bishops argue that the refugee ban harms both families and those who are most vulnerable such as children and women (See: USCCB Committee On Migration Chair Strongly Opposes Executive Order Because It Harms Vulnerable Refugee And Immigrant Families (USCCB).
  4. One can be both patriotic and Christian.  It's a moral issue to protect our borders.  It's also a moral issue to welcome those that we can into our own country.  100% open borders should not be our goal, nor should we seek a nation that is completely closed off from others.  A charitable, safe middle ground ought to be the desired goal.

How are you addressing these concerns on your campus?