New CCMA Small Groups Field Guide


Most campus ministry programs utilize small groups as part of their approach to discipleship.  One campus minister even told us that it wasn't until her campus started small groups that she felt her ministry began to soar.  

Small groups can be that powerful!

With small groups, there are so many questions.  These might include:

  • How do I recruit students for small groups?
  • Should I combine undergrads with grad students?
  • Should I promote single-gender or coed?
  • Should groups meet on campus or in dorms?
  • Are small groups the same as Bible studies?

Have you ever asked these questions?  If you have, CCMA has a new resource that you can use TODAY.  Our Small Groups Field Guide is an interactive "book" featuring audio, video and traditional print resources.  The Field Guide is useful if you're just starting out with small groups or if you're a veteran and have used small groups in the past.  

The Field Guide is available TODAY for free via the iTunes Bookstore.  We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do and share it with others who want to boost their small groups program on campus.