The Importance of Assessment and Personnel


I once worked with a man who eventually was asked to leave ministry.  The fundamental problem was that he saw himself in a totally different way from how his supervisors saw him.  

He saw his faithfulness, his commitment and his desire to make a difference.

Meanwhile, his supervisors appreciated his faith but noticed, more often than they wanted, that his workplace performance was less than adequate.  He was also difficult to work with and hardly a team player.

I’ve seen this over and over again in my career- when an employee doesn’t see themself the way their supervisor sees them, it ultimately leads to a firing.  This is in part the fault of the supervisor who has an obligation to help the employee “see clearly”. 

All of this comes to assessment.  It’s a word that isn’t sexy and it represents a process that is seldom practiced well.  Like hiring, when something is done sparingly, it is usually not done well.

  • Some valuable downloads and resources for assessing your staff are available here.

If you’re looking for one practice that can help you assess your staff and be on the same page, begin a weekly One on One.  This should only be with your immediate reports (reports are a formal term for those that report to you) and should last for no more than 30 minutes.  It’s like a check-in to take the pulse of your report and offer some (if needed) guidance.  It builds rapport and establishes accountability.  Most importantly, a One on One helps the direct report be on the exact same page as the supervisor.  When that happens, both see clearly what they are trying to accomplish.

CCMA will be offering more advice on assessment in the coming months and in future posts so stay tuned!