How do Others Perceive You on Campus?

Have you noticed that everyone seems to be wearing those multi-colored socks these days?  I realized I was really out of it when my black dress socks were being phased out by my wife in favor of striped socks.  When I inquired as to where my black socks had gone, she smiled and said, "You've been upgraded."

Who knew that what you wear actually has an impact on others?  

A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research  examined the theory that people who are nonconformists can potentially be viewed as having better status and more competency that those that conform. (Here's the full article).  

When you're on campus, how do you think that others perceive you?  While you might not need to wear crazy socks, are you memorable?  Does your "image" rub off on others in a positive way?  Do you have a signature look that will make you readily seen?

The point isn't so much to go out and buy socks. Rather, take a few minutes to think about how you look and how you convey when you're on campus.  Do you think others perceive you as an expert campus minister who cares about students?  

In other news, we've just updated our EVENTS page.  You should join us for one of the upcoming meetings or even our campus minister retreat.