Podcast 33 with Matt Zerrusen of the Newman Connection

Each campus knows how difficult it is to find incoming students and then invite them, in a systematic manner, into Catholic campus ministry.  

In Episode 33 of the CCMA Leadership Podcast, I chat with Matt Zerrusen of the Newman Connection.  Note that Matt's organization is different from the Cardinal Newman Society which has a different mission and focus.

The Newman Connection and their thorough website provides the single best database for students to find either Catholic Centers or Newman Centers around the country.  Additionally, Matt and his team provide countless colleges with the contact information for incoming freshmen.  That's a very valuable resource!

Matt also announced a new project of the Newman Connection called The Upper Room, an operating system for Catholic campus ministries.  I can't wait to see how campuses use The Upper Room to organize and then grow their ministries.

Enjoy the podcast!