A Clever Way to Engage Students in Discussions of Faith


I visited this past week with campus ministers from the Chicago area.  With deep gratitude to Mark Laboe of DePaul University who coordinated the trip, we enjoyed talking about what's happening on campuses around the country.  

DePaul has found a very unique way to engage students in discussions of faith and vocational discernment.  By using the "discussion wheel" and giving out some sweet t-shirts, their team has found a simple way to start discussions.  They put the wheel in a public place and simply invite students to take a spin and then chat for a few minutes.  Some free stickers help to sweeten the deal and the conversation gets rolling.

According to Mark, this clever tool (the wheel and accompanying conversations) has provided some of the richest conversations of the year.  Best yet, the chats are often quite deep, proving interior motivations and future aspirations as they connect with the faith.