7 Clever Things You Can do Over the Summer

Summer is finally here!  It's the time of year for both educators and campus ministers to take stock of the year gone by and do some clever things in order to recharge.  

There's just one catch- with over a month of summer weeks, it can be easy to not use the time wisely.  The best of intentions can slide away and then Fall arrives and we're left with some level of regret.

Here are seven things you can do this summer that might yield significant results:

  1. Clean your office.  Clutter can pile up during the year.  Take a morning, dress casually and go to it.
  2. Go on a personal retreat.  This can be a formal retreat that you pay for or a day at the beach.  
  3. Change your work schedule.  Can you work longer from Monday-Thursday and then take off Fridays?  Can you come in later one day as a means of "changing things up" over the summer?
  4. Revisit your strategic plan.  Be honest- how often did you touch the plan during the year?  Why not use summer to reconnect and recommit to its objectives and goals?
  5. Decide on one thing in your ministry that you can stop doing.  We all want to be doing more and reaching more students.  Summer is the right time to cross one activity off your list.  If it didn't work that well, drop it.
  6. Read two great spiritual books.  Which book have you been wanting to read?  Head over to Amazon and pick up a copy.  Enjoy it.  Savor the moments of quiet reading.  As Merton once said, "Reading is an act of humility."
  7. Go on a vacation, even if it's a brief one.  Even short vacations have value.  Where can you go?  What can you do to recharge your batteries?

I bet you could add another seven actions you could take to unplug and be renewed this summer.  For me, I hope to begin bird watching (cue the teasing) and also get some time away with my wife and kids.