Fall Mastermind Groups Are Now Enrolling

Mastermind Logo (1).png

Call them what you will, "Mastermind Groups" are all the rage.  Business invest millions in them annually in an effort to support and retain top talent.  Ministries are also beginning to see the value of gathering like-minded professionals in online formats.

Couple this phenomenon with the new data emerging that tells us that over half of the nation's campus ministers are in their current settings for less than five years.  If they don't get the support they need, they might not survive in campus ministry.

To respond to this, CCMA will launch our own Mastermind Groups this Fall.  These groups of 6-8 members will meet weekly for six weeks in an online format.  Participants will be from all around the country, providing peer-to-peer support, encouragement and accountability.  

Space is limited for these Fall groups so you'll want to go ahead and reserve your spot today!