State of Catholic Campus Ministry Report

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How are we doing when it comes to Catholic Campus Ministry?  Are we making progress? Are we making disciples?  Which models are showing growth on campuses?  

These questions and more motivated us to compile the State of Catholic Campus Ministry Report for 2017.  This report provides a visual way of understanding the good work being done on campus and how much is still left to be done.  The report may not answer all of our questions but it's a strong starting point.

This report goes hand in hand with the forthcoming National Study of Catholic Campus Ministry (USCCB).  Both show that a lot of work is being done on campus.  Unfortunately, the work being done is only taking place on 25-30% of campuses.  Couple this with the fact that the 2005 study by CARA on campus ministry showed more ministry on more campuses.  

In summary- how are we doing?  As in all things, it depends.  Campus ministers are working tirelessly for the sake of their students, welcoming them and equipping them for lifelong discipleship with Christ.  At CCMA, our aspirations are to help campus ministers be even more effective, maximizing their gifts so that they can spend most of their time on activities related to discipleship and evangelization.  Finally, we will continue to work with all of our strategic partners such that the next study (hopefully sooner than ten years from now!) shows more campuses being served.  In other words, we aren't satisfied and want to help the Church expand campus ministry to more campuses.

You can download the report today.