How do You Cast Vision for Your Ministry?

"Vision casting" is a bit of a trendy term these days.  The Andy Stanley book (Visioneering) from over a decade ago build into all ministry leaders the need to have vision.  

Besides the awareness of having vision, great leaders know that they also need to "cast" it up, down and sideways through the ministry.  Ideally, everyone in the organization will have a sense of the purpose of the ministry and the reason for "why we do what we do".

In my opinion, vision is as much about marketing as it is about substance.  This is the part of casting vision that many leaders do not get, opting instead to keep their ideas to a semi-secret strategic plan that few see or touch.  If you're a leader, you must repeat then keep repeating your vision.

As CCMA Board Member Patrick Lencioni states, the role of the leader is often about reminding the organization of its purpose, "The best leaders understand that they are CROs (Chief Reminding Officers), and that there is no such thing as too much communication." (Source: A Leader Must be a CRO)

Last week we hosted Marcel LeJeune, of Catholic Missionary Disciples, on our weekly Mastermind Group call.  Marcel shared several key concepts related to casting vision:

  1. Be Clear: write it down; print it out; be direct and don't beat around the bushes; say exactly what you mean.
  2. Be Concrete: be specific; be measurable, show what "success" looks like.
  3. Be Concise: get to the point; be brief; keep your language simple.
  4. Be Compelling: passion is an attractive quality when it comes to sharing your vision.
  5. Be a Communicator: repeat your vision over and over again.

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