Troy Woytek, Washington University

Networking with other campus ministers gets me out of the bubble of my own head, my own context, my own ministry and expands my ability to vision and work for the kingdom.

Without that networking it is easier to become complacent.

Ways it has impacted me:

1) Challenged me to step into leadership more consistently.

2) Helped give me some tools for visioning and motivation for pushing the Catholic Student Center to accomplish great things.

3) Reminded me of the bigger picture of why this work is so important in this world beyond just Washington University.

4) Given me leadership and organizational tools such as the DISC training and Team Dimensions Profile.

5) Provided concrete best practices ideas that we have adopted at the Catholic Student Center such as: Confession Marathon, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, & ESTEEM.

6) Introduced me to amazing people, some of who I have formed lasting relationships with for a long time.

Katie Diller, Michigan State University

As member of CCMA for the last 7 years, I have benefited from the collective wisdom of more experienced colleagues, the infectious energy of my peers in ministry, and spiritual renewal when we have gathered as community. I treasure the opportunities and colleagues that I have gained through CCMA membership!

Rosie Shawver, USC

Networking with other CCMA members has helped me to think outside of the box in college campus ministry.  It helps me dream new dreams and broaden the horizon of what can happen on college campuses.

When I was the director of campus ministry at the University of New Mexico there were no other college campus ministers in close proximity.  CCMA helped build bridges so that I felt I had co-workers in the vineyard throughout the country that could help support me as a new campus minister.

Shari Reilly, Iowa State University

I would not be in campus ministry today, after 15 years, if I had not had the support of CCMA members. Of particular help were people at my local gatherings, but also those I met at the various conventions I attended in my first ten years, especially the Frank J. Lewis Institute. Meeting periodically with others gave me fresh ideas, helpful suggestions, and even helped me make bold changes of which I might not have otherwise dreamed. Grad school alone does not give one all the qualifications for ministry, many are learned from colleagues and friends along the way.

Mark LaBoe, DePaul University

I am grateful for the way in which CCMA and the network of those serving in a diversity of college and university settings serves to help us as campus ministers continue to look beyond the particular contexts of our own day to day work to the larger mission of the Church in the world.

Fr. Pete McCormick, C.S.C., University of Notre Dame

CCMA provides Notre Dame Campus Ministry with a resource for networking and sharing ideas for ministry today.  We value our relationship with CCMA and look forward to many wonderful opportunities ahead.

Lulu Santana, Santa Clara University

CCMA has helped me foster connections with colleagues around the country to exchange ideas and resources. 

Gabriela Karaszewski, Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

The friendships I created with fellow campus ministers at a regional CCMA gathering have made a difference in my ministry. When I needed their point of view, I have reached to them and they have extended their hand to help me out and vice-versa. Thanks to that gathering a sense of comraderie was formed which would not have been formed otherwise.  The podcasts and webinars offered by CCMA provide an ongoing professional growth to the campus ministers in my team that was much needed.