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Emily Hitchens of Butler University on avoiding overwhelm.

Matt Faley of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis on work-life balance and teamwork.

Fr. Frank Donio, S.A.C. from the Catholic Apostolate Center on technology and missionary discipleship.

Friar Mario Serrano, OFM, Conv. on leading through transition and the message of St. Francis on campus.

Matt Zerrusen of the Newman Connection on linking 12th graders with Catholic campus ministries and The Upper Room.

Keith Borchers from Evangelium Consulting on effective ministry teams.

Lou Charest from Catholic Relief Services on engaging students in service, reflection and action.

John Paul Lichon of Verso Ministries on Catholic pilgrimages for college students.

Fr. Rob Spalding and Lillie Romeiser of St. Paul's Newman Center at the University of Wyoming on preparing students for an adult life of faith.

Jill Rauh & Thelma Ekoacha from the USCCB on the Catholic call to participate in advocacy.

Michael Lovette-Colyer of the University of San Diego on silent retreats and involving the entire community in faith formation.

Emma Miller of the Duke Catholic Center on starting a podcast.

Mike Perkins of FOCUS on fundraising as ministry.

Gabriela Karaszewski of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston on intercultural competencies in campus ministry.

Brother Ken Appuzzo, BH on what to do (and not do!) in your first six months on campus as well as the importance of worship in campus ministry.

5 Ways to Not Miss Christmas by Mike St. Pierre

Peter Denio of The Leadership Roundtable on standards of excellence.  

Sponsor: Carmelite Friars of the St. Elias Province

Fr. Peter Stravinskas on Catholic identity.

Sponsor: Glenmary Home Missioner

Ryan O'Hara of St. Paul's Outreach on ministry, call, and adoption.

Sponsor: Divine Word College

Fr. Mike Schmitz of the University of Minnesota-Doluth on Advent and series preaching.

Lulu Santana of Santa Clara University on the value of small groups and the RCIA.

Fr. Nathan Castle, O.P. on the importance of being "plugged in" to your campus.

Sr. Jenny Zimmerman of the Caruso Catholic Center at USC on vocational discernment on campus.

Cristina D'Averso of Monmouth University and Rider University on balancing two campuses and a busy schedule.

Christine Eberle of Gwynedd Mercy University on student hunger and the challenge of serving at a small, Catholic university.

Marcel LeJeune of Texas A & M (St. Mary's Catholic Center) on the importance of prayer, relationships and teamwork.

Four great reasons to support CCMA through a financial gift.

Friar John Bamman, OFM, Conv. on vocation discernment on campus.

Gordy DeMarais of St. Paul's Outreach on the New Evangelization and staying faithful to one's call.

6 ways to show your team that you care.  From buying coffee to remembering names, great leaders know that their "heart" is as important as their head.

Barbara McCrabb of the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops on Encuentro #5, collaboration & long-term service.

Katie Diller of Michigan State on ESTEEM and engaging young adults in the life of the Church.

Fr. David Frederici of UMASS on ministry of presence and staying fresh in ministry.

Jim Grove of the Diocese of Charleston on vision and human resources.

PJ Chavez of Walsh University on liturgy and campus ministry.

Austin Schafer of Ohio State University on avoiding burnout.

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