You have just made a significant investment in your professional development.  Membership in CCMA is beneficial for so many reasons, including:

  • Supporting you through a professional community

  • Equipping you to bring your best effort to ministry

  • Encouraging you in your walk with Christ

Wondering where to start?

  1. Register to download the free eBook from CCMA, "6 Steps Towards a Productive Week in Campus Ministry"
  2. Listen to the CCMA Leadership Podcast
  3. Read the CCMA Blog
  4. Network with other campus ministry professionals through the private Facebook group

Get to Know the CCMA Staff

We are here to serve you.  From posting job listings to connecting you with others in the field, our small (but mighty) staff is here to help:

Chrysta Bolinger, Member Services and Communications

Mike St. Pierre, Executive Director

Cathie Conniff, Office Support Specialist