Ministry Webinars

April 25: "Evaluating Success: Preparing Your Ministry for Summer and Beyond"
with Grant Rice, Senior Consultant at CHE Trinity Health.  

Join Grant Rice as we take present an April Webinar to help you complete the academic year. How do you evaluate what worked and what didn't in the past year?  How can you assess your team in a professional manner?  These questions and more will be answered by Grant Rice.

The Needs of Today's Campus Ministers

More than 2,000 men and women serve on college campuses around the United States. Their work is vitally important for the Church.  CCMA helps campus ministers "think with the Church" in order to respond effectively to the needs of over one million college students.

Learn more about how CCMA supports campus ministers.

What We Do

CCMA provides vital resources to those on the front lines of college campus ministry and especially those who desire a profession within campus ministry. As we elevate the role that campus ministry has on campus, we have three areas of focus:



CCMA membership is a value-add for campus ministers. We equip and teach campus ministers how to expand their influence. Finally, we establish best practices for sustainable campus ministry.


CCMA connects campus ministers with one another. With membership in over 350 campuses across the country, members gain access to the best and brightest leaders in the field.



From monthly webinars to weekly podcasts to our career center, CCMA members avail themselves of the tools they need when they need them.  Our local and national events compliment our virtual resources.

"If it weren't for CCMA, I would never have made it in campus ministry."

Tim Taylor, Campus Minister