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"That we might be one"

As Catholic campus ministry spreads across the country, CCMA is the leading voice of campus ministers.

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"That we might be great"

CCMA helps to define what excellence looks like from one campus to the next, where culture and resources vary greatly.

practical resources

"that we might be effective"

From webinars to podcasts to state-wide meetings, CCMA provides members with the tools to succeed.



Sometimes you need a tool that you can use when you want to use it. The CCMA Leadership Podcast & Blog are tailor-made for your busy schedule.


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There's never been a better time to join CCMA or renew your membership.  Renewal has multiple levels and takes just a few minutes.  Why not join CCMA today in order to gain access to the best resources available for Catholic campus ministers?


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The CCMA Leadership Podcast is home to both new and seasoned voices in the field of campus ministry.  From special guests Christopher West to Fr. Mike Schmitz to Rosie Shawver and Bishop John Stowe, the Podcast brings fresh ideas to your busy schedule.