Exemplary Ministry Awards


The Exemplary Ministry Awards will be announced at CALLED 2018.  This year, we will be acknowledging campus ministry programs in three areas:

  • Evangelization
  • Service
  • Discipleship

To nominate a campus ministry program (including your own), please use the form below:

Your name *
Your name
Phone # of Program *
Phone # of Program
Name of the Director of the Program *
Name of the Director of the Program
Tell us why you feel this program is exemplary. Be as specific as possible. What does this program do exceedingly well in the area of evangelization/service/discipleship? How long has this program been running? How is it innovative? What are the fruits of the initiative?
Supporting Documents to Share?
If you have any supporting documents to share, please feel free to email those to Mike St. Pierre, Executive Director at stpierre@ccmanetwork.org.