With such immediate access to veteran campus ministers, The Speaker Bureau helps us to engage best practices that we hadn’t even considered.
— Fr. Michael Martin, OFM, Conv.
The Speaker Bureau gives campus ministers access to a list of dynamic and diverse presenters to fit any need, along with suggested stipend rates to fit any budget.
— Christine Eberle, Speaker

Matt Alpaugh

Title: Director of Technology for Schools Archdiocese of New York

Location: New York/New Jersey

Primary Type of Speaking: Workshops


  • "Social Media from Start to Finish - How to Manage, Engage and Communicate Digitally in Less Time Than you Think"

  • "Tell Your Story - Building Smart, Simple, Marketing Content for Web, Print, Social and Video that will Engage your Audience"

  • "Your Institutional Toolbox - Use Free Digital Tools to Communicate Better, Stay Productive, and Engage Your Audience"

Contact: matt@malpaughcreative.com

Range of stipend: TBD

Friar John Bamman, OFM Conv.

Title: Vocation Director

Location: Kentucky

Primary Type of Speaking: Keynotes, Workshops, Retreats


  • Perfect Joy of St Francis of Assisi

  • Jonah: The reluctant Prophet

  • Fears: Fight or Flight?

Contact: jbamman2000@gmail.com

Range of stipend: Pay it forward please

Dee Bernhardt

Title: Assistant Director of Campus Ministry

Location: Indiana

Primary Type of Speaking: Keynotes, Workshops, Retreats


  • "Authentic Discipleship"

  • "Spirituality for the 21st Century"

  • "If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of Your Boat"

Contact: dee@boilercatholics.org

Range of stipend: TBD

Mike C. Brown

Title: Catholic Speaker and Musician

Location: Nevada

Primary Type of Speaking: Keynotes, Workshops, Retreats


  • No Man Is An I-land

  • Mask-Era: Lies of Secular Society

  • Who am I: Sheen's four reasons

Contact: mikecbrownmusic@gmail.com or www.mikecbrown.com

Range of stipend: TBD

Steve Bye

Title: Catholic speaker, Apologist, Catechist

Location: Wisconsin

Primary Type of Speaking: Keynotes, Workshops, Retreats


  • "Christian Leadership in the 21st Century"

  • "Evangelization: How to Preach the Gospel in the 21st Century"

  • "Radical Love: A motivational talk for Christocentric Prayer & Action"

Contact: Steve Bye, smbye@live.com

Range of Stipend: $250 or less 

Abigail Byron-Goslin

Title: Associate Director of Campus Ministry

Location: Savannah, Georgia

Primary Type of Speaking: Keynotes, Workshops, Retreats


  • "In the Beginning..." -Discovering Our True Identities in Christ and Finding Healing in the Resurrected Life : Through St. John Paul II's teachings on the Theology of the Body

  • "Fight, Flight or Fall???"- How to Resist Temptations: Spiritual Warfare 101

  • "Get Outta da Boat!"- How to counter the fears and doubts that keep us from walking on water: Everything from taking the very first steps to creating strategic plans for mission and evangelization both personally and professionally.

Contact: Abigail Byron-Goslin, abigailbg@gmail.com

Range of Stipend: $250 - $1500; flexible depending on event details and duration; willing to work with ministries

Jamie Cappetta

Title: President, Caruso Catholic Center at USC

Location: California

Primary Type of Speaking: Workshops


  • Advancement

  • Developing Discipleship Models

  • Practical advice

  • Lived experience

Contact: Jamie.cappetta@gmail.com

Range of stipend: TBD 

Jeff Cavins

Title: Author

Location: Minnesota

Primary Type of Speaking: Keynotes, Workshops, Retreats


  • "Walking Towards Eternity"

  • "How to Simplify Your Life"

  • "I'm not Being Fed"

Contact: events@ascensionpress.com

Range of stipend: $4,000

Rosie Chinea Shawver

Primary Type of Speaking: Workshops

Title: Director of Campus Ministry at the USC Caruso Catholic Center

Location: California


  • "Evangelization on College Campuses"

  • "Transitioning College Students from College to Parish Life"

  • "Cultivating Disciples on Campus"

Contact: rosie@catholictrojan.org

Range of stipend: TBD

Mary Deeley, M. Div., Ph.D.

Title: Pastoral Associate and Director of Christ the Teacher Institute for Sheil Catholic Center at Northwestern University

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Primary Type of Speaking: Keynotes, workshops, retreats


  • The Catholic Lens: What We Believe and Why It's Important

  • What the Bible Tells Us About God and Ourselves

  • Evangelization in Multiple Directions

Contact: m-deeley@northwestern.edu

Range of Stipend: Depends on the specific request and location; generally travel expenses are to be covered; willing to work with groups as needed

Gordy DeMarais

Title: Founder & President, Saint Paul's Outreach: "Catholic Faith Alive on Campus"

Location: Minnesota

Primary Type of Speaking: Keynote talks, Workshops, Retreats


  • "Building Communities of Evangelistic Disciples on Campus"

  • "The New Evangelization: Context, Content, and Method"

Contact: Loretta Wolfe (loretta.wolfe@spo.org)

Range of stipend: TBD

Hilary Draftz

Title: Sr. Director of Quality, Growth, & Innovation for FOCUS

Location: Colorado

Primary Type of Speaking: Keynotes, Workshops


  • "Making Disciple-Makers"

  • "The Feminine Genius: The Impact of Women's Leadership in the Church"

  • "Growth Mindset: How to Help Ourselves and Others Get Better at Almost Anything"

Contact: hilary.draftz@focus.org

Range of stipend: $500-$1,000

Christine Eberle

Title: Director of Campus Ministry, Gwynedd Mercy University
Author of Finding God in Ordinary Time (September 2018, Green Writers Press)

Location: Pennsylvania

Primary Type of Speaking: Keynotes, Workshops


  • Encountering Jesus: Bringing Women in Scripture to Life with Imaginative Prayer

  • We're Going to Need a Bigger Boat: Navigating the Waters of Grief

  • Finding God in Ordinary Time: Four Ways to Pay Attention and Transform Your Spiritual Life

Contact: christine@christine-marie-eberle.com; www.christine-marie-eberle.com

Range of stipend: $250-$500 

Amber Ezeani

Location: Massachusetts

Primary Type of Speaking: Keynotes, Workshops


  • "Helping Students Transition into Parish Life"

  • "Applying The 'Thresholds of Conversion' to increase effectiveness on Campus"

  • "Creating an Awesome Family Culture that Overflows into a Thriving Ministry"

Contact: amber.ezeani@gmail.com

Range of stipend: $500-$1,000 

Matt Faley

Title: Director of Young Adult and College Campus Ministry in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Primary Type of Speaking: Keynotes, Workshops, Retreats


  • "From Maintenance to Mission" It's Time We Change Our Perception of Prayer

  • "Who Am I and Where Am I Going?" A Real-Life, How-To Guide to Missionary Discipleship

  • "Debunking the Five Myths of Sex, Love and Dating"

*Outside of these listed, I can present on anything you may need for your campus, whether it be staff or student focused.

Contact: Matt Faley, matt.faley@gmail.com

Range of stipend: $500 - $1500; flexible depending on specific event and location; willing to work with groups

Fr. Blair Gaynes

Title:  Campus Minister, University of Northern Florida

Location: Florida

Primary Type of Speaking: Keynotes, Workshops, Retreats


  • "The Universal Call to Holiness: The Mystical Way"

  • "Vocation Discernment: From Which Life Choices Flow"

  • "Campus Ministry: It's Not About You"

Contact: Katie Gunkle (campuspadre@gmail.com)

Range of stipend: TBD

Christopher Hanzeli

Title:  Director of Institutional Advancement (Western Province of the Dominicans)

Location: Washington State

Primary Type of Speaking: Workshops, Keynotes


  • "Development 101: A Crash Course in Fundraising Basics"

  • "Modern Mendicancy: Fundraising in the New Evangelization"

  • "Steward Your Mission: 5 Strategies to Advance Your Campus Ministry"

Contact: chris@opwest.org

Range of stipend: $250-$500 

Barbara Humphrey McCrabb

Title:  Assistant Director of Higher Education, USCCB

Location: Washington, DC

Primary Type of Speaking: Keynote talks, Retreats, Workshops


  • "Collaboration and the New Evangelization"

  • "Empowered Campus Ministry"

  • "Ex Corde Ecclesiae"

  • National Study on Catholic Campus Ministry

    • Landscape of campus ministry

    • Formation of campus ministers

    • Student struggles

Contact: bmccrabb@usccb.org 

Range of stipend: Fees negotiable 

Marcel LeJeune

Title: Catholic author, speaker, and evangelist

Location: Texas

Primary Type of Speaking: Keynotes, Workshops, Retreats


  • "The Art of Evangelization and Discipleship"

  • "Dating in The Hook-up Age"

  • "Capturing a Vision for Campus Ministry"

Contact: thecatholicevangelist@gmail.com

Range of stipend: $1,000-$2,500

Fr. Michael T. Martin, OFM Conv.

Title: Director of the Duke Catholic Center

Location: North Carolina

Primary Type of Speaking: Workshops


  • "Money follows Mission - Don't be Afraid to Make the Ask"

  • "It's Who you Know - The Importance of Cultivating University Relationships"

  • "Count my Sheep or Feed my Sheep - Can We Track Spiritual Growth on Campus?"

Contact: fr.mike@duke.edu

Range of stipend: TBD

Mrs. Julie McElmurry, M.S., M.A.

Primary Type of Speaking: Keynotes, Talks, Retreats

Title: Director, Franciscan Passages

Location: North Carolina


  • "The Writings of St. Francis of Assisi and You"

  • "The Prayer and Hermit side of St. Francis of Assisi"

Contact: Julie McElmurry at info@franciscanpassages.org

Range of Stipend: $250-750

Katie McKenna

Primary Type of Speaking: Keynote talks, Retreats

Title: Speaker, Author, Professional Fundraiser

Location: New York


  • "How to Get Run Over By A Truck" (Inspired by Katie's memoir of the same title)

  • "Big Fear Alleviated by Small Kindnesses: How to Support Friends and Family During Challenging Times"

  • "How to Make No Your Favorite Word: Turning Rejection into Spiritual Fuel"

Contact: Katie McKenna at katie.c.mckenna@gmail.com (and visit Katie's website here)

Range of Stipend: TBD

Ken Ogorek

Title: Director of Catechesis/Evangelium Leadership Consultant 

Location: Indiana

Primary Type of Speaking: Keynotes, Workshops, Retreats


  • Struggles with Church Teaching: How to Wrestle with God Authentically

  • Make of Me What Pleases You: Does God Have a Specific Career in Mind for Me?

  • How to Be a Leader Who Follows Jesus: Preparing for a Life of Leadership as a Christian

Contact: Ken Ogorek, kogorek@archindy.org

Range of Stipend: $500-1,000

Ryan O'Hara

Title: Director of Mission Resources, Saint Paul's Outreach

Location: Minnesota

Primary Type of Speaking: Keynotes, Workshops, Retreats


  • Three Faith Sharing Habits of Intentional Disciples

  • A 9 Question Approach to Developing and Delivering a Personal Testimony

  • Advent Retreat: Three Talks on "Jesus the Son, Savior, and Source & Summit"

  • Lent Retreat: Thee Talks on "The Parable of the Prodigal Son."

Contact: Ryan O'Hara, ryan@spo.org

Range of Stipend: $500-1,000

Michael J. O'Loughlin

Title: National Correspondent, America Magazine

Location: Illinois

Primary Type of Speaking: Keynotes, Workshops, Moderator, Interviewer


  • "Unity in Diversity: Chronicling the American Catholic Experience." (Pope Francis repeatedly praises unity, but always with a warning that it cannot be achieved through uniformity. That is, we must be confident in and celebrate what makes us unique but not stamp out unique traits in a misguided journey toward rigid uniformity. As a reporter covering Catholicism in the United States, I witness firsthand the fascinatingly diverse ways Catholics live our faith and I share these experiences with my audience.)

  • "Sharing Stories of Faith." (Having spent a number of years in both PR and the media, I understand the intricacies of what it takes to craft stories well and to get them in front of audiences. In this talk or workshop, I will help audience members understand how to hone in on their message and then pitch ideas to editors in order to contribute to the wider conversation.)

  • "Five Years of the Social Media Pope." (From his first interview as pope to his revelatory use of Twitter and his recent TED Talk, Pope Francis connects directly with Catholics, bypassing traditional strictures of church communication. I’ll explain how Pope Francis uses press conferences, social media, and his image to steer the church closer to living out its Gospel values.)

  • * I am also available to moderate panels and interview other speakers. This format has worked well in other settings.

Contact: mjoloughlin@gmail.com

Range of Stipend: TBD based on event type

Matthew Pinto

Primary Type of Speaking: Keynotes, Workshops

Title: President, Ascension Press

Location: Pennsylvania


  • "Where We Are Headed: Five Trends that Will Affect Your Parish, Ministry and Personal Faith Walk"

  • "The Gift of Being Catholic"

  • "Being Effective Apostles"

Contact: Paula at pkerestus@ascensionpress.com

Range of stipend: $500-$1,000

Austin M. Schafer

Title:  Pastoral Associate for Campus Ministry, The Ohio State University

Location: Ohio

Primary Type of Speaking: Keynotes, Workshops


  • "Forming Missionary Disciples in Campus Ministry"

  • "Multiply Your Campus Ministry: Empowering Your Community for Mission"

  • "Visionary Catholic Campus Ministry in Higher Education"

Contact: aschafer@buckeyecatholic.com

Range of stipend: $500-$1,000

Allan Wright

Title: Academic Dean for Evangelization (St. Paul Inside the Walls), Adjunct Professor Immaculate Conception Seminary, Author

Location: New Jersey

Primary Type of Speaking: Keynotes, Workshops


  • "Jesus the Evangelist: Learning How to Share the Faith from the Master Evangelist and Implement an Evangelization Plan"

  • "25 Life-Changing Questions of Jesus: Bringing People Through a Spiritual Journey Using the Questions of Jesus"

  • "How to Make Disciples: A Theological and Practical Rationale for Planning"

Contact: Allan@allanwright.org

Range of stipend: $500-$1,000